Interview with Myrah Penaloza

Myrah, please introduce yourself.

I recently followed my heart from Los Angeles California to Canada and now we are on a 1 Year Travelling Trip around the world. We are 100% Digital Nomad Parents. 

Most people think I'm kinda crazy for moving to Canada but love makes you do wild things right? That's exactly it, this collection is about a wild untethered love of expression with the intention of being of service, to uplift, to unwind, to commune and embrace your highest calling.

It's also an entirely new adventure for us being on the road through Canada, US and now in Bali, Australia and beyond in 2019 while raising our 2yr old daughter. We are doing an experiment about living in total alignment with our hearts and right now, its working!

Thank you for joining our journey. Follow us at @myrahpenaloza on Instagram or @kundalinigown 

What's at the heart of everything I do is an intention to empower women, every single day of my life.  This collection is designed for today's Aquarian Woman.

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You lived a nomadic lifestyle for an entire year. How did you stay balanced during travelling?

Staying balanced with a 2yr old daughter on the road was certainly a challenge. We unplugged, packed everything into storage in April 2018 and hit the road. 

Staying balanced for me means getting really good sleep, staying in a circadium rythym with the sunrise and sunset is key. Of course there are ups and downs to it being  a creative, sometimes my creativity sparks at night and Im up for a long time. 

Nutritionally, I take high dosages of Vitamin D3 (this was prescribed by my Naturopathic Doctor), B12, and lots of tumeric which seems to ground me to feel balanced.

Postures/Meditations I do daily no matter what are cat cow for 3 minutes, Sat Kriya for 3-6 minutes and then one or two more kriya’s depending on what is needed at the time. 

Balance is a unicorn when you are travelling, so I didn’t have expectations that made me judge myself if I slept in or stayed up late or woke up early, I try to keep the internal conversation elevated with all kinds of daily mantras and intentions. 

I write a lot which keeps me sane when my mind is running and generally balance is a day to day thing when you travel. 

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Have you got a morning routine? Does it change sometimes, or does it almost stay the same?

Being 8 months pregnant, my morning routine is very different. Its primarily trying to get enough sleep, right now baby is growing so its all about sleeping, walking, getting in a practise, if I have time with my daugther Soleil sleeping, I sit in silence with my tea and meditate simply by staring out the window and noticing the life that is right in front of me. My morning routine has its cycles, usually 30 days at a time, i reset it every new moon and check in with myself every sunday to make adjustments for the upcoming week. 


As you practice Kundalini Yoga, have you got a favourite Kriya, or Meditation you want to share?

Right now, its Bahota Karum + Sat Kriya are my everyday practises right now. Head to youtube and search 25th Pauri of Japji, and play that for a few days in your house. Its truly transformative. 

People get confused these days what to eat. In terms of staying healthy, vibrant and happy, do you follow a special diet?

I think everyone, every body has different needs and its up to us to figure that out, be a scientist and figure out what works for your body and what doesn’t. Its very important to take the time to figure it out. Surround yourself with health experts, nutritionists, and for me im really into Naturopathic Doctors and getting the right blood tests to figure out what my body needs. I was vegan most of my life but then blood tests showed I needed much more iron, so sometimes I do eat meat though there are so many amazing alternatives right now. 

To answer your question, right now my diet is all about supporting my pregnancy, legumes, beans, spinach, cashews, dates, green smoothies with ginger, banana and spirolina. I am Mexican/Canadian now so I do eat from my heritage, and my husband is Punjabi/Indian so we eat tons of indian food as well. 

How does a perfect day look like for you?

A good sleep, getting my daughter in her creative space, having a little time and space in silence for myself sipping tea, belly laughs and a big lunch, afternoon walk in nature, evening reading books with my little girl, sipping lavender / nettle tea right before bed and cuddling close with my baby girl and husband.

Your partner Robindra and you are offering the BLOOM FESTIVAL in Bowen Island? What can participants expect?

This is a 3 day immersion into entrepreneurship, creativity, kundalini yoga and the art of designing a life you love. We share all of the things we did to put ourselves in the position we are in now, which gives us space to be with our family, take care of our health, impact the community and keep growing creatively. Early morning tea meditations, afternoon masterminds and talks, kundalini yoga, vegan breakfast, lunch and dinner. Fireside talks outside, walks to the ocean and around the forest nearby. Its truly a magical weekend. 


You design very beautiful clothes for women. From where do you get inspiration?

Inspiration comes from all over the world, from the books I read, to shapes in the sky, the female form, emotions, musings and my daughter. 

I’ve dreamt about being a designer my entire life, so I have books on books of drawings from when I was younger and now today I am so blessed to actually see it come alive and worn around the world. 

Check out those beautiful pieces Myrah created:


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